Fishing Trips                                                                                               

           3 Hours                 30 per person                                               

           4 Hours                 40 per person                            

Private Charter fishing trips rates will be arranged at time of booking.                                                               

*Rod/tackle and bait will be supplied free of charge

Wildlife Spotting Trips                        

The rates for these will be specified at time of booking, dependent on the wildlife to be seen. Rates will be arranged at time of booking.

Neighbouring Island Trips                                

         Mingulay, Barra Head or Pabbay     50 per adult & 25 per child (5-16 years of age) 

         Private Charter Island trips rates will be arranged at time of booking.

Private Charters                                                 

The vessel can be chartered for various types of trips that can be specified. We will try to fulfil all your requests. Rates will be arranged at time of booking.